Networking with topics

Participate and shape within the industry

Maybe it’s a size too big. There are no well-funded sponsors who don’t know where to put their money and promote the idea. And there are certainly no teams that work through nights with pizza and beer for the project. We also cannot measure and compare ourselves with Facebook, XING, LinkedIn and Co. But hand on heart. Not too much happens with the big guys on our issues.

Can you spontaneously recall a suggestion from social media that you have adopted? A contact request is quickly confirmed and just as quickly forgotten. What is missing there, we try to achieve with our network, namely communication and interactivity. Today, with 150 people, we are still very manageable. Soon there will be 200 and we strongly hope that by the end of the year we will be several thousand.

Network is program

Each social network has a specific idea. What is our DNA? A good idea or a practical solution belong published. It is important to discuss and perhaps adapt. The municipal economy is currently developing tremendous momentum. It’s just fun to get to know the people behind it and to enjoy the successes with them. We want to learn with and from each other. Professional discourse with colleagues is our concern.

Topics are program

Every day there are exciting questions and new things to discover. A city is planning a new recycling center. Those who deliver have to cross a ramp. Is it advisable to provide this ramp with a heater? Only specialists can competently answer this question. But thoughts on this level like this we want to discuss. Let’s create added value together. Are you currently facing a professional challenge? Then just create a new topic and start a debate. The moderators keep an eye on this and provide impetus so that no topic goes to waste.

Telling and writing stories

Last week, the emergency brake assistant was on the agenda. Equipment suppliers of winter maintenance vehicles are very worried. Emergency brake assist systems undeniably have enormous potential for improving road safety. They help avoid rear-end collisions with heavy commercial vehicles. The Federal Ministry of Transport is preparing a regulation to prohibit the deactivation of the emergency brake assistant from 30 km/h without exception. This may seem sensible at first glance. But a second look shows that regular winter service in ice and snow will not be possible in the future. In snowy conditions, any emergency brake assist system would prevent driving with a blade. In many cases, safe winter road conditions would only be achievable if drivers of winter maintenance vehicles disregard and somehow circumvent the planned ban on disabling emergency brake assist. Let’s work together to get an exemption added to the ordinance for municipal vehicles. That would be a nice success story.

Curious now? Just test it.

So far, the thematic networks® cover the areas of recycling centers, municipal cleanliness and winter services, municipal vehicles, waste containers, digitization and communication. The new thematic network “Green Deal and Circular Economy” will soon be launched. Of course, it is also possible to initiate further thematic networks. Go ahead. So register quickly at and become part of the community. We look forward to seeing you.

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