Now each member can create their own thematic network

Everything you need to know about the new group function

Until now, Themennetzwerke® only had groups that were supervised by ourselves and our moderators. This is now changing: From now on, every network member can found and organize their own thematic network.

Under ‘Networks’ there is a new button for this. When opening a group, there are different choices. The group can be visible and accessible to all network members. But a private topic network is also possible, which people can enter either by personal consent or by invitation only.

The founders themselves can decide on the content of a new thematic network. It is only important to maintain respectful interaction within each group and the network. We have formulated clear rules on this in our Terms of Use (especially 3.).

Groups from other social networks are also welcome

Perhaps you have noticed: The XING network is reorienting itself and deleting all existing groups. If you moderate a group on XING, then we would like to invite you to move your group to Topic Networks®. And if you know someone who organizes their own group on XING, we would be very grateful for your recommendation.

We look forward to many new groups on a variety of topics!

Do you need help setting up your own thematic network? Then feel free to write to us at

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